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Beware the future
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Josh Lisec, author of Phoenix Reich writes, “Asterion” is the kind of novel that doesn’t come around too often. But when it does, snatch it up. You’ll be up until five a.m. Or longer. What drew me into this speculative techno thriller is the combination of realism and relatability. Taylor Scott’s personality and values remind me of the wise sages I’ve met in church circles. But “Asterion” is anything but churchy. The character’s faith is a mainstay of the novel, but the main event was the all-too-real conspiracy in the Big Brother setting. The idea that “Asterion” can actually happen tomorrow made me take it off the scifi shelf…and give it a home on the nonfiction one. If you want a peek at a dystopian future that many of today’s pundits are prophesying, “Asterion” is the read for you.” Five star review

The future is coming. Are you ready?

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