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1904 – Edmond [Moore] Hamilton, sci-fi author (Danger Planet)

1926 – Leonard Rossiter (2001: A Space Odyssey)
1929 – Ursula K[roeber] Le Guin, sci-fi author (Tombs of Atuan)
1933 – Georgia Brown, actress (Star Trek: TNG)
1936 – Jack Taylor, actor (Horror of the Zombies, Doctor Jekyll y el Hombre Loco)

1940 – Julie Parrish, actress (Star Trek, The Next Step Beyond, The Time Machine)

Julie Parrish in Star Trek

Julie Parrish in Star Trek










1943 – Paula Kelly, actress (Soylent Green, The Andromeda Strain)
1945 – Everett McGill, actor (Dune, Jekyll Island)
1948 – Tom Everett, actor (Automan, Quantum Leap, Eerie Indiana, Space: Above and Beyond, Journeyman, FlashForward, Max Headroom)

1956 – Carrie Fisher, actress (Star Wars, Smallville, The Time Guardian, Frankenstein)
1959 – Tamara De Treaux, actress (ET)
1959 – Ken Watanabe, actor (Godzilla, Inception, Space Travelers)
1960 – Melora Walters, actress (The Butterfly Effect, Twice Upon a Time)

1971 – Raymond Hatton, actor, d @ 84 (Day the World Ended)
1973 – Sasha Roiz, actress (The Day After Tomorrow, Warehouse 13, Caprica, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Land of the Dead, Mutant X)
1978 – Will Estes, actor (Meego)

1982 – Matt Dallas, actor (Life Tracker, Kyle XY)
1983 – Charlotte Sullivan, actress (The Colony, Smallville)
1986 – Alex Kew, actor (My Parents are Aliens)
1988 – Mark Rendall, actor (30 Days of Night, Time Warp Trio, ReGenesis)

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