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1910 – Jack Carson, actor (Twilight Zone)
1911 – Leif Erickson, actor (Invaders from Mars, The Six Million Dollar Man: Solid Gold Kidnapping, Project U.F.O.)

Leif Erickson in Invaders from Mars.

Leif Erickson in Invaders from Mars.












1923 – Ned Wertimer, actor (Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, Mork & Mindy)
1924 – Ruby Dee, actress (The Stand)

1937 – Lara Parker, actress (The 6 Million Dollar Man, The Incredible Hulk)
1939 – John Cleese, actor (The Day the Earth Stood Still)

1945 – Carrie Snodgress, actress (The X-Files)
1946 – Ivan Reitman, director (Evolution)
1947 – Angus MacInness (Star Wars, Space:1999, Hellboy, Space Island One, Judge Dredd, Rollerball)

1951 – Jayne Kennedy, actress (The Six Million Dollar Man)
1953 – Peter Firth, actor (Lifeforce, Total Recall 2070)
1953 – Robert Picardo, actor (Star Trek: Voyager, Age of Tomorrow, Time Machine: The Rise of the Morlocks, SGU Stargate Universe, No Ordinary Family, Smallville, The 4400)
1957 – Jeff East, actor (The Day After, Superman)

1969 – Peter O’Meara, actor (Resident Evil: Extinction)

1970 – James Logan, actor (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, No Ordinary Family, The X Files)

1980 – Tom Nagel, actor (Volcano Zombies, Man of Steel)
1983 – Monica Louwerens, actress (Heroes, Phil of the Future, The Invisible Man)
1981 – Andrea Riseborough, actress (Oblivion)
1982 – Patrick Fugit, actor (Legion of Fire: Killer Ants!)
1984 – Emilie Ullerup, actress (The Philadelphia Experiment, A Little Bit Zombie, Sanctuary, Smallville, Battlestar Galactica)
1984 – Sebastian Gacki, actor (The Thaw, Flash Gordon, Smallville, Kyle XY)

1994 – Hunter Ansley Wryn, actress (Serenity)
1996 – Morey Amsterdam, actor, d @ 87 (Project U.F.O.)

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