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1895 – Tom Fadden, actor (Invasion of the Bodysnatchers, Empire of the Ants, Adventures of Superman)
1897 – Billy Greene, actor (The Cape Canaveral Monsters, My Favorite Martian, Captain Video and His Video Rangers)

1901 – Patrick Aherne, actor (Rocketship X-M, The Son of Jekyll, The Day the Earth Stood Still)
1905 – Eric Frank Russell, sci-fi author (Deep Space, Dark Tides)
1907 – Iris Korn, actress, d @ 60 (The Incredible Hulk)

1911 – Billy Sands, actor (The Munster’s Revenge, The Reluctant Astronaut)
1913 – Tom Brown, actor (Men Into Space, World of Giants, Rocky Jones Space Ranger)

Tom Brown in Rocky Jones, Space Ranger

Tom Brown in Rocky Jones, Space Ranger








1926 – Mickey Hargitay, actor (Lady Frankenstein)

1930 – Toru Tanaka, actor (Last Action Hero, Alligator II: The Mutation, Darkman, The Running Man)
1930 – Vic Tayback, actor (Land of the Giants, Star Trek)

Vic Tayback in Star Trek

Vic Tayback in Star Trek







1933 – John Clive, actor (A Clockwork Orange)
1934 – Sylvia Sims, actress (Doctor Who)

Sylvia Sims in Doctor Who

Sylvia Sims in Doctor Who

1950 – Richard Norton, actor (Cyber Tracker, Future Hunters, Equalizer 2000)
1954 – Trudie Styler, actress (Moon)
1956 – Holly Fulger, actress (Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century)

1960 – Andrea Thompsonj, actress(Babylon 5, Quantum Leap, Heroes: Destiny, Doin’ Time on Planet Earth)
1969 – Vincenzo Natali, director (Darknet, Splice, Cypher, Earth: Final Conflict, Cube, Space Cases)
1969 – Norman Reedus, actor (Blade II, Mimic)
1969 – Aron Eisenberg, actor (Star Trek: DS9, Star Trek: Voyager, Pterodactyl Woman from Beverly Hills)

1976 – Danny Pintauro, actor (Timestalkers)
1977 – Niall MacGinnis, actor, d @ 63 (Island of Terror)
1978 – Tara Spencer-Nairn, actress (The Outer Limits, The Strain, ReGenesis)

1981 – Rinko Kikuchi, actress (Pacific Rim)
1982 – Eddie Redmayne, actor (Jupiter Ascending)
1983 – Cristina Rosato, actress (Helix, Survival Code)

1996 – Courtney Eaton, actress (Mad Max: Fury Road)

2001 – Scott Marlowe, actor, d @ 68 (The Outer Limits, Star Trek: TNG, Automan, The Powers of Matthew Star, The Unknown, The Time Tunnel)

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